Estimates can help you plan your printing orders

Why ask for an estimate when you are ordering? You may need to know the cost for budget reasons. Perhaps the cost may be required information on your requisition, or the estimate may determine the materials you use. For instance, you may be able to upgrade the quality of stock, use colored ink instead of black, or add a logo or a cover page. The initial step in the estimating process is providing printing specs for your job. Usually you can receive your estimate within a couple of work days, but a quicker turnaround time is possible. A customer service rep is always available for customer consultation. They can discuss job specifications, make suggestions for improving the product design or construction, help determine a realistic delivery date, and assist the customer in lowering printing costs.

To get the most accurate estimate for your job, be specific and have as much information as you can. A mock-up, sample, or similar printed piece is helpful. Here is a list of information to compile when requesting an estimate:

Contact name - very important in case we have more questions

Job description - title and type of publication

Quantity needed 
Number of pages - remember, a sheet of paper printed on both sides is 2 pages

Dimensions of the finished piece - what size will it be when we deliver it to you 

Preparation services (if any), such as typesetting, scanning or design

Color of ink(s)

Type and color of paper

Proofs needed

Finishing services (if any) such as pad, collate, staple, fold, binding, shrinkwrap, etc.


Delivery destination

When you request an estimate, you may want to know the price of several different quantities. The price per item decreases as the quantity increases. You may want to compare different types of stock or several colors of ink. The cost of stock is generally a small portion of the total printing cost, and may add significantly to the appeal of your finished piece. Prices for printing are designed to be competitive in the printing market, and are generally lower than external vendors. University Printing also provides special services that include courier pickup and delivery to and from the customer’s desk, large job production capabilities, mass mailings, etc. If you have questions about requesting an estimate, job, or special services we provide, contact University Printing at 532-1520.

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