On Campus Mailings - The A & K List

University Printing is in charge of maintaining the A&K (Administrators & Key Personnel, this includes Deans, Directors, and Department heads,) AK&A (includes graduate teaching assistants and graduate research assistants,) and AK&F (includes administrators and teaching staff at the level of instructor and above) mailing lists. Changes to the list are submitted to our office continually throughout the year and updates are made every month when necessary. Projects that are printed by KSPS and mailed to the A&K lists are usually addressed at the time of printing. Feel free to send your documents (word works the best) directly to printservices@ksu.edu and we will merge it with the most current list. (Please send a hard copy also so we can be sure it looks correct on our end.) If you have a job you are having produced on the press and is being mailed out to a list you have provided but would also like it to be sent to the A&K list just indicate that on your printing order and we will add that to your list when we are addressing your pieces. Customers can request and purchase self-adhesive labels of the current list by contacting us at 532-1520. Since these lists are updated continually, we do not provide customers with a digital file of the lists. We also discourage departments from creating their own files of the lists, as they will not have the latest updates. Complaints regarding inaccurate A&K mailings are directed to our office, and if the list was generated by a department other than our own, we are unable to correct the problem. If you need to make a correction or update to the list at anytime please contact the customer service office at 532-1520, or send your corrections to printservices@ksu.edu.

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