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Parent's Club Mission



The Purpose of Sigma Nu Parent’s Club of Kansas State University is:

  1. To provide an avenue for Sigma Nu parents to meet each other.
  2. To provide a specified number of annual scholarships to the fraternity.
  3. To fund projects which benefit the fraternity.


Membership is extended to every parent whose son is a pledge or active of Sigma Nu at Kansas State University. Dues are paid annually and are an amount set by the club.


The yearly meeting is held in the spring during the Mom’s Weekend.


The officers shall be elected at the yearly spring meeting and will serve for one year. The officers and responsibilities are as follows:

Chairperson: Chairs the annual meeting, meets with the Commander of the fraternity to access the needs of the chapter, ensures the items funded by Parent’s Club are purchased and given to the chapter in a timely fashion, & communicates necessary information to members by letter if needed.

Secretary: Records and distributes the minutes of the annual meetings.

Treasurer: Keeps the financial records of Parent’s Club, collects dues, and maintains a current mailing, membership and contribution list.

Newsletter Chair: Compiles Fall and Spring Newsletters and mails them to all families of Sigma Nu members. (Receives mailing labels & email address list from treasurer). This position can be combined with the Secretarial responsibilities.