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Sigma Nu

Brother of the Month

Virginia Military AcademyBrother of the Month is a new program implemented Spring 2011 by David Abel, LEAD Chairman/Chaplain to recognize and reward good character displayed among the men of Sigma Nu. For a long time, the chapter exclusively utilized the write-up system for keeping order in the house. With this system, it is the responsibility of each brother to hold his fellow brothers accountable and to correct behavior. When poor decisions are made, Honor Council exercises its authority to deem appropriate consequences for those actions. Brother of the Month is the other side of that same coin. At Sigma Nu, we wish to discipline dishonorable conduct but also reward the honorable. Any member can nominate another member for Brother of the Month at any time. To do this, he must simply record on the posted Brother of the Month sheet the brother he is nominating along with a brief description of what took place. This nomination sheet is viewable for the entire month allowing everyone to see and recognize those nominations. After careful consideration and discussion, a nominee who has clearly demonstrated exemplary character, is selected at the end of each month. The Brother of the Month is then awarded a twenty-five dollar award along with a certificate of recognition before the chapter. Brother of the Month is one way that Sigma Nu has decided to celebrate the outstanding moral character that often goes overlooked.

Recent awardees are:


MonthBrother of the Month
September, 2012Corey Chesley, BK 1612
October/November, 2012Tyler Nelson, Candidate