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The following university policies govern the use and management of the information technology resources and services provided by K-State and apply to students, faculty, staff and affiliated individuals. Colleges and departments may have additional procedures for the acceptable use and management of their IT services.

These university policies are published in the K-State Policies and Procedures Manual.

See the Information Technology Policy Approval Process to view the steps and timeline for new policies and changes to existing policies.

All official information technology policies can be found in the K-State Policies and Procedures Manual.

University Information Technology policies

3310 Telecommunications
3415 Information Security Plan
3420 Information Technology Usage Policy
3430 Security for Information, Computing and Network Resources
3431 Access Controls Security Policy
3432 Operations and Management Security Policy
3433 Data Classification and Security Policy
3434 IT Security Incident Reporting and Response Policy
3435 Access Authorization to University Digital Data and System Policy
3436 Media Sanitization and Disposal Policy
3437 Memorandum of Agreement for Information Access
3438 Physical and Environmental Security Policy
3439 System Development and Maintenance Security Policy
3440 Internet and World Wide Web Page Policy
3450 K-State eID Policy
3455 Electronic Mail Policy
3460 Official Electronic Correspondence with Faculty, Staff and Students
3470 Technologically Enhanced Classrooms
3475 Video Conferencing Policy
3480 Wireless Local Area Network Policy
3490 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing Policy
3495 Collection, Use and Protection of Social Security Numbers