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Heroic profiles

Each of these individuals or groups can be studied to learn about varieties of courage and heroism. If you have additional links for these case studies you would like to recommend, send me a message at the feedback to author page. If you would like to nominate additional individuals for study, send me a brief description and website links for review. Some examples of heroism result in the death of the actor. Including individuals who died as heroes gives tribute to their sacrifice and helps reinforce the real risk of some forms of heroism. Please contact me if any of these links no longer work.
Martin Luther King   The White Rose  
    Summary       Summary
    Martin Luther King Papers       Holocaust-History.org
    The King Center       Jenna's The White Rose
    Seattle Times: Live the dream        
  Danville High Basketball Team     Amanda Valance
    Summary       Summary
    The Caledonian-Record (1)       Florida teen escapes alligator's deathspin
    The Caledonian-Record (2)       People Magazine article
            Bite victim: Gator put me in "death spin"
  Keith Louis Putnam     Jesse Owens
    Summary       Summary
    Carnegie Hero description       The Runner Who Defeated the Nazis
            Jesse Owens Talks of Past
  Chris Wright     Cesar E. Chavez
    Summary       Summary
    People Magazine article       Cesar E. Chavez bio at UCLA
  Jacob Russell Ryker     Alana Franklin
    Summary       Summary
    Carnegie Hero description       Carnegie Hero description
  Michael Rehbein     Esther Kim
    Summary       Summary

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