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Hero strength skills

In this module our focus is on the idea of psychological strength in managing strong emotions. Because heroic behavior involves taking a risk or making a sacrifice, strong emotions of fear, sadness, or anger are likely. Courageous people feel strong emotions. Instead of being driven by them, however, they make the choice of taking noble action.

There are advanced concepts here that many children will find some difficulty understanding. Consider this an introduction to these issues and have reasonable expectations for their ability to apply what they are learning to their behavior. Simplify concepts as much as possible but do not shy away from having great expectations for what they can accomplish.

Key ideas and actions
1. Our bodies react when we have strong feelings.
2. We can understand what we are thinking by how we are feeling.
3. Having an emotion is not the same thing as taking an action.
4. Strong emotions can stop us from thinking.
5. Strong emotions can cause us to make mistakes.
6. We have to work hard to calm our strong emotions.
7. Making good decisions often means "thinking under fire"

Awareness activities (grades 4-6)
1. Recognizing emotional arousal
2. Recognizing emotional highjacking
3. Thinking under fire



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