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Hero action skills

In this module our focus is on taking action, actually putting a plan into motion. Since this emphasis tends to be on skill training, easy incorporation into the typical classroom is going to be more difficult. Teachers and parents should work together to ensure that children receive developmentally appropriate educational experiences in first aid and self-protection. We want children to understand the nature of heroism and to prepare themselves as best as possible to deal with situations that might be thrust upon them.

Key ideas and actions
1. Heroic action is putting knowledge to work.
2. Recognize courageous behavior in themselves and others.
3. Communities of individuals can act heroically.
4. Learn the fundamentals of first aid.
5. Learn the fundamentals of self-defense.
6. Learn about the courageous behavior of others in their familes and community.

Awareness activities (grades 4-6)
1. Investigate the action
2. Wall of honor
3. Community heroism
4. First aid
5. Self-defense
6. Courage interviews


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