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Hero awareness skills

In this module our focus is on developing a common, fundamental vocabulary of fear, risk, courage, and heroism. As these fundamental concepts are learned, the first skill in heroism can be introduced: noticing danger and adversity when it appears. Heroic behavior will not occur if a person is unaware of the opportunity.

Key ideas and actions
1. Fear is necessary for safety.
2. Both mind and body are involved in fear.
3. Each of us reacts differently in what we tell ourselves and what we feel when we are afraid.
4. Fear can be based on right or wrong information.
5. Fear can cloud good judgment.
6. Risk can be frightening.
7. Doing the right thing can sometimes be risky.
8. Courage and fear can coexist.
9. Courage can exist in different intensities.
10. Courage is not necessarily aggression.
11. Courage often goes unnoticed.
12. Taking a risk to help oneself or another in a positive way is a noble act.
13. Heroism can be dramatic and attention-getting.
14. Heroism can be quiet and hidden from view.
15. Heroism involves accepting a risk or sacrifice to achieve something noble.
16. Heroism is a test in response to adversity.
17. Heroism involves overcoming competing emotions.
18. Heroism means coming to terms with risk and sacrifice.
19. Use the Hero Template to profile heroism.
20. Understand that the need for heroes exists in all cultures.
21. Notice adversity and opportunities for noble action.

Awareness activities (grades 4-6)
1. What is fear?
2. Risky business
3. What is courage?
4. What does "noble" mean?
5. What is heroism?
6. Profiles of heroism
7. Cultural heroes
8. Turning on your radar


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