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Hero intelligence/problem-solving skills

In this module our focus is on dispassionate thought. Strong emotions can cloud thinking and impair judgment. Actual control of emotions is one focus of the Strength skills module. Intelligence and Strength have to work together.

In emergency conditions, this problem solving can be so fast that the actor is not even conscious of making a decision. Practicing problem solving repeatedly in low-emotion circumstances will help strengthen this up-tempo thinking. Keeping one's mind engaged is difficult for children who often need adult help mentoring them through the steps. This "Stop and Think" is incredibly important when the circumstances are dangerous. (See "Are there risks to heroism?" on the Q&A page.)

The Ring of Valor is focused on nurturing strength in children in a developmentally appropriate manner while emphasizing making thoughtful choices. This is why our pins say, "Be an Everyday Hero...With a Smart Heart." The goal of the Intelligence module is to help children be effective in response to fearful situations while avoiding reckless behavior. This is an extremely difficult balancing act because chance and risk is always involved in these types of decisions.

Key ideas and actions
1. When you encounter a problem generate alternatives.
2. Consider the possible consequences of alternatives you identify.
3. Evaluate alternatives based on consequences and choose the best solution.
4. Evaluate the quality of your information and your emotions; keep thinking straight.
5. Know where danger lurks.
6. Keep thinking when you are hot.
7. Consider the risks of alternatives.
8. Choosing not to move forward when you are afraid has consequences.
9. Consider your strengths when making a choice.

Caring activities (grades 4-6)
1. Introduction to problem solving
2. Introduction to threat assessment


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