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Problem-solving skills

A note to parents
2. Introduction to threat assessment
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Key ideas
1. Keep thinking when you are hot.
2. Consider the risks of alternatives.
3. Choosing not to move forward when you are afraid has consequences.
4. Consider your strengths when making a choice.

In this lesson, children are introduced to basic concepts of grace under fire. Take the fundamental problem-solving concepts in Lesson 1 and apply them to conditions in which courage and heroism could emerge.

We often encourage children to always choose safety when afraid. Is this a universally appropriate choice? Sometimes successful flight from a bully, for example, is not possible. Sometimes not taking a small risk can have terrible consequences for both the actor and/or someone who might need help. Flight can sometimes create a greater danger.

Review the case studies students have selected in the Awareness skills module. Ask them to consider the thought behind the heroic action.What alternatives did the actor have? Were they aware of the risks? What might have happened to them if they had chosen not to act? What physical or psychological strengths did they bring to the action?

Strong emotions in your classroom or home provide the perfect opportunity to practice the discipline of thinking despite emotional heat. Use the phrase "Stop and Think" (SaT) when strong emotions emerge. Help children think through and express ideas about dealing with the source of the problem. The key idea here is give them experience of refocusing their attention away from the emotion to thinking about the problem.


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