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June 15, 2005. The site has been revised and integrated into The WonderWise Parent and expanded to include an expansion program on bullying.

June 21, 2004. My new book, Raising Courageous Kids: Eight Steps to Practical Heroism is now availble from Sorin Books. Visit raisingcourageouskids.com for more information about the book and many related resources and programs you can introduce to parents, teachers, and youth professionals as well as young people.

One of the best places to start when visiting The Ring of Valor site is the map page. A link with the icon of a child on a parent's back is on the bottom of nearly all pages. I expect to be adding additional resources to this site on a regular basis. When such changes are made they will be recorded here.

Another excellent page to visit is the Heroic Profiles page. These profiles or case studies are introduced to children for further study in Lesson 6 in Awareness: Profiles in Heroism.

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