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The Ring of Valor implementation (more to come)

All visitors are welcome to page through The Ring of Valor website and benefit from the information they find.

The resources on this site are targeted primarily to parents, teachers, and other caregivers of 10-12-year-old children. Learning the fundamentals of courage begin during the early preschool years. The age group we emphasize here are old enough to begin to understand the real risks of making courageous choices. Mature heroism is first launched during this age span as children face greater dangers outside the shield of a parent's protection.

Teaching children about heroism
We invite anyone who works with children in this age group to enroll in the "Everyday Hero" program. When you enroll, you will receive at at no cost (except for a nominal shipping charge of $2.00 for less than ten children and $5.00 for ten or more children) attractive buttons for each of your children that say "Be an Everyday Hero--With a Smart Heart." Inviting children to wear the buttons helps to focus their attention on the issue of heroism. The message on the button emphasizes three aspects of heroism: everyone can be a hero by finding the strength to face a fear, by using their strength to care about others, and by making smart decisions as they respond to a fear.

The Ring of Valor program is brought to you entirely through the support of Kansas State University Research and Extension. Although no outside grant support is used to provide these materials, we are willing to use our scarce resources to make them available as long as participants are willing to inform us about the usefulness of the program.


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