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K-State Today Student Edition

September 11, 2013

Students: Are you having trouble viewing online course videos?

Submitted by Information Technology Services

You’re a few weeks into the semester and unable to view the online videos for your class. Does this sound familiar? Hopefully your answer is no, but if you are having trouble, Information Technology Services, or ITS, is here to help.

Many courses at K-State include an online media component, so it's important to make sure your computer or mobile device is ready. Does your computer meet K-State's minimum system requirements?

First, make sure your computer has the appropriate specifications by running the K-State Online Readiness Test. This test will evaluate if your pop-up blocker setting is correct; your Java and Flash applications are up to date; and Adobe Reader is installed.

Second, check your Internet connection. The minimum download speed needed for quality viewing of online video is 2Mbps. You can use speedof.me to run a free HTML5-base speedtest that works directly in your browser and iOS, Android, or Windows 8 smartphones without third party plug-ins.

Third, try a different browser. If you cannot get the video to play using your current browser, switch to a different browser and try the video again. Also try clearing your cache.

If you are still having trouble viewing the video in your courses, contact the IT Help Desk and they will help you troubleshoot your video problem. You can send an email or call 785-532-7722 or 800-865-6143.