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November 29, 2022

'The Mathematics of Juggling' at online Art and Math Seminar

Submitted by Natalia Rozhkovskaya

Math and juggling presentation at Sorbonne

On Dec. 1 from noon to 1 p.m., Professor Laurent di Menza of the Reims Laboratory of Mathematics in Champagne-Ardenne University, France, will give an online talk on the mathematics of juggling for the online Art and Math Seminar.

He will describe the connection between juggling patterns and a specific language of siteswaps of finite sequences of numbers. This way of coding enables us to understand the structure of the corresponding patterns. He will give some basic examples of siteswaps, as well as classical juggling tricks. No mathematical or juggling experience is required for this presentation.

Meetings of the online Art and Math Seminar are dedicated to collaborations between artists and scientists. The seminar organizers invite faculty and students to join for inspiration in scientific visualization of research and pedagogy and glimpses of modern mathematics.

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Registration is required to participate in the seminar.