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K-State Today Student Edition

December 1, 2020

Academic integrity at the end of the semester

Submitted by Camilla Roberts

As we approach final exams, the Honor and Integrity System reminds students of the importance of the Honor Pledge. The Honor Pledge applies to all assignments, examinations and other course work undertaken by students. The  K-State Honor Pledge is "On my honor, as a student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work."

Under the "Student Tips" section of the Honor and Integrity System website  includes  strategies  to avoid unauthorized aid and collaboration. This section  includes:

We have also included a section on strategies to avoid plagiarism. This section includes:

Please remember that academic integrity is just as important in online classes/assignments/tests as it is for in-person assignments or tests. If you would not do something with the professor standing in front of you, then you should not do it online either.