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Student Tips

K-State Wildcats have a tradition--The Honor Pledge. Imagine what future employers and graduate school acceptance committees will think when they see you have graduated from an institution where academic honesty is held in high esteem. With nationally advertised scandals in many areas such as journalism and business, the K-State Honor & Integrity System is a refreshing attempt at helping students grow in integrity, not only in the realm of academics but in personal life as well. Take the Honor Pledge seriously in ALL of your academic work--faculty are assuming you know what is considered cheating. If you have doubts about your academic behavior (handing in the same work for two different classes, for example), please clarify with your instructor OR call us. We are here to help.

Wildcat Welcome! A MUST read!

Letters to new freshmen, transfer, and graduate students.

Don't Go There! Strategies to AVOID Honor Pledge violations. Careful attention to your own academic duties is the best way to avoid allegations of academic dishonesty. If you are asked to do something that you FEEL is wrong or unethical, it probably is. Aiding someone in committing an academically dishonest act is just as serious as receiving the aid. These strategies may help you avoid Honor Pledge violations.

What is the process if I have an honor pledge violation?

In most cases, your professor will file the report as an option 1 case (meaning he/she has determined the sanctions).  As a student, you have a right to contest the allegations of an honor pledge violation.  You may not contest the sanctions.  If you contest, a Case Review Board is formed and you can follow these guidelines to have an understanding of what will happen.

To-Do or NOT To Do? That IS the Question! Examples of Honor Pledge violations.

This list of behaviors is not inclusive of all possible violations. When in doubt about whether your actions may violate the Honor Pledge, please consult with your instructor or call/email the Honor & Integrity System Director for further clarification.

Strategies to AVOID Unauthorized Aid and Collaboration.


Statement on Unauthorized Aid and Collaboration.

  • If you do not know what your instructor expects of you, ask. Some faculty assume students realize that working with others on assignments is not acceptable. If you have made a habit of working on homework assignments, take-home exams, and quizzes and using others' papers as your own, please take the time to ask your instructor if you are not clear about the parameters of EACH class. The default at K-State is to DO YOUR OWN WORK. Unless you have been told by the professor for each individual assignment that you may collaborate and/or use aid, then the assignment should be assumed to be completely independent work.

Video on Unauthorized Aid and Collaboration

Tips to Avoid Unauthorized Aid and Collaboration. (PDF)

Discussing Collaboration (PDF)



Strategies to AVOID Plagiarism. 


Do you know what PLAGIARISM is??   A short PowerPoint on various types of plagiarism.

  • Plagiarism can occur whether you intend to do it or not.  This PowerPoint shows examples of various types of plagiarism that you should be aware of.  Contact someone if you need assistance in learning how to correctly paraphrase or cite your sources.

Preventing Plagiarism

Do you know how to cite in MLA or APA style? 

  • A pdf tutorial on APA and MLA citations. Without appropriate in-text and end citations, plagiarism can occur.  Take time to understand how you give the appropriate credit to the original developer.


Strategies for Tutoring (PDF)

This is generic information to be given to students and tutors as thoughts and leading questions to develop specific guidelines for individual tutors.