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March 21, 2019

Let's talk about well-being

Submitted by Julie A. Gibbs

Lafene Health Center is collaborating with Wake Forest University to evaluate the state of well-being for K-State undergraduate students this spring. The Well-being Assessment, developed and administered by Wake Forest University, gathers data regarding student well-being and the skills, resources and conditions affecting well-being.

Developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and program staff at Wake Forest University, the Well-being Assessment is tailored to the unique development needs and linguistic patterns of undergraduate students in early adulthood. The Well-being Assessment provides students with feedback about their answers. This feedback is designed to give them immediate tools for improving their well-being at K-State and make the survey experience more engaging for them.

Lafene Health Center is grateful to participate as a partner with no cost incurred due to generous grant funding to Wake Forest University from the Reynolds American Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The study was approved by the Wake Forest University institutional review board, approval No. IRB00022945, and K-State remains in the status of a non-engaged partner.

Who can participate? The Well-being Assessment is intended for use with full-time enrolled, traditionally aged, undergraduate students. In appreciation for participating, students who complete the survey will be automatically entered in a random drawing to win one of eight Amazon gift cards ranging from $25-$100 after the survey closes.

When will the survey begin? The survey will open effective Monday, March 25, and is scheduled to close on Monday, April 8.

How is the survey distributed to students? The Well-being Assessment team at Wake Forest creates and distributes the survey using the Qualtrics online survey platform. A list of student emails was secured for use in distributing the survey. Students receive an invitation email and up to three reminder emails containing a unique link to complete the survey. Students have the option to unsubscribe from future reminder emails.

What data will be received? Wake Forest University will provide Lafene Health Center a de-identified data set as well as a report of survey results. Lafene Health Center will disseminate data that is useful for offering evidence-informed well-being supports for undergraduate students at K-State as per Wake Forest's Terms of Data Use.

Who can I contact if I still have questions? Jean DeDonder, Lafene Health Center, jeandedonder@k-state.edu, 785-532-5303, or Nicole Brocato, Wake Forest University, brocatnw@wfu.edu, 336-758-5249. 

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