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March 15, 2018

Mathematics Colloquium Lecture today

Submitted by Reta McDermott

Dragomir Saric, associate professor in the department of mathematics at Queens College and Graduate Center at City University of New York, will present "A Thurston Boundary for the Teichmuller Space of an Infinite Surface" as part of the Mathematics Department Colloquium Lecture series at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, March 15, in 122 Cardwell Hall.

Saric's presentation abstract: We define a Liouville map of infinite dimensional Teichmuller spaces into the space of geodesic currents. The space of geodesic currents is endowed with a novel uniform weak* topology thus ensuring that the Liouville map is a homeomorphism onto its image; the image is closed and unbounded. A Thurston boundary consists of asymptotic rays to the image of the Liouville map. It turns out that the Thurston boundary consists of precisely those geodesic currents that are given by bounded measured laminations in a perfect analogy to the classical case of finite-dimensional Teichmuller spaces. This is a joint work with Francis Bonahon.

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