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October 19, 2017

Know the difference: K-State Alerts vs. LiveSafe

Submitted by Stephanie Jacques

Kansas State University has two important technologies to aid in emergency and safety communications: K-State Alerts and LiveSafe. Incoming messages from Kansas State University will come through K-State Alerts. The LiveSafe app — free for K-State users — allows K-Staters to send emergency or safety-related notices directly to K-State police or family and friends.

K-State Alerts:

  • Send texts and automated phone calls from the K-State Police Department or the university's communications team during university emergencies such as an active shooter, tornado or other dangerous storms, campus closure — such as a snow day — or reopening a campus following a forced closure.


  • Connects K-Staters with the K-State Police Department via confidential text — includes picture, video and audio attachments. You can even start a live chat.
  • Lets K-Staters use peer-to-peer location tracking during a group chat. Friends can monitor and talk during travel.
  • Provides fast access to emergency help, telephone numbers and important safety information and resources.

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win an iPad from LiveSafe. The contest runs through Oct. 28 with the final drawing for the iPad on Nov. 3.

Sign up for K-State Alerts on the university's Connect website under the eProfile section and download the LiveSafe app from iTunes or Google Play. Search for "LiveSafe" with the blue shield icon. The app is free to all current K-Staters.