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April 11, 2017

2017 K-State University Support Staff Awards of Excellence

Submitted by Communications and Marketing

The K-State University Support Staff Awards of Excellence recognize exemplary performance and contributions of university support staff members who consistently excel in their positions and demonstrate integrity and a strong commitment to the mission and values of K-State.

Kansas State University is recognizing three university support staff professionals for their job performance with K-State's 2017 University Support Staff Award of Excellence.

Ashley Noll, senior administrative specialist, Global Campus, received the award in the office and clerical category. Noll has made a habit out of going above and beyond the call of duty as it relates to her official position description. Whenever a need arises, she is quick to volunteer to help pick up the slack. She steps in and helps fill the gaps when the department is short-staffed. She approaches her work with a positive attitude that has a tendency to rub off on those who she works closest. Some examples of her accomplishments this year include:

  • An overhaul of an antiquated system for checking out equipment and ordering office supplies. Her new system is better organized, and more efficient.
  • The development of a web-based screening form for recruitment to make the department's hiring process more efficient for search committees. This has saved the department both time and money.

Christopher Falley, electronics control systems supervisor for the facilities power plant and utilities, received the award in the service and maintenance and skilled crafts category. Falley is a dedicated employee who is goal-oriented, admired and respected by his staff for his leadership, mentoring and his ability to assess and remedy complex problems and issues. Falley leads a team of employees who are responsible for operating and maintaining the campus boilers, steam distribution and underground tunnel infrastructure. Some examples of his accomplishments this year include:

  • Under his leadership, the university has realized a substantial reduction in the amount of condensate return to half the amount historically necessary, saving thousands on the university's utility bill.
  • In taking on additional responsibilities of tunnel maintenance this year, he has helped to increase the power plant's efficiency by identifying problem areas and correcting them quickly. The power plant's make-up water decreased from 80,000 gallons per day to 46,000 gallons per day.

Haley Swartz, accountant II in Recreational Services, has received the award in the Technical and Professional category. Swartz handles all of her work with tremendous effectiveness and efficiency, all while maintaining a positive attitude. She is ready and willing to help and step up wherever needed for the betterment of the department. She has been an instrumental, behind the scenes influencer of Recreational Services' growth, progress and success. Some examples of her accomplishments this year:

  • Developing creative solutions to deal with what is a time-consuming student payroll process. She has created solutions for time sheet signing for all students in the department as well as develop an operational handbook for student office assistants.
  • She took lead in educating and assisting staff in the management and execution of their duties, spending a great deal of extra time and energy helping them learn, all while not missing a beat with her regular accounting position.