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April 13, 2015

Chilled Water Expansion Project reminder: 17th Street, A4 parking lot closure

Submitted by Jack Carlson

Beginning Monday, April 13, 17th Street will close in two locations on K-State's Manhattan campus. Please reference the maps linked in this article for more information.

17th Street closure on campus:

Fencing and barricades will be setup early Monday, April 13, see Map A, areas 1 and 2. Two 30-inch-diameter underground chilled water pipes will be excavated. Both locations will facilitate future connections to existing chilled water pipes and for the future chilled water pipes scheduled for installation this summer.

Pavement removals for the pipe excavation will begin and will progress through to the middle of June 2015 for pedestrian use. Shown on Map B are routes for pedestrians to navigate around the construction zones. Site improvements along the sides of 17th Street will extend through July 2015 with landscape plantings to follow into August 2015 to facilitate seasonal planting times. As site and landscape improvements progress please respect the work zones as barricades will be more specific to immediate work areas.

Upon completion of the pipe installations and pavement replacements, 17th Street will re-open for pedestrians but closed to normal vehicular traffic. The pedestrian mall has been designed and will provide access for fire, ambulance, occasional freight deliveries and service vehicles. Please reference Map C to view the rendering of what the final construction will look like.

A4 parking lot north of Holton Hall:

As parking areas south of Holton Hall are complete, A4 parking lot north of Holton Hall will close, see Map A, area 3. This parking lot closure is in preparation for new chilled water piping work scheduled for summer 2016.

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