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K-State Today

August 15, 2013

Office 365 update: Progress report

Submitted by Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services is in the final stages of moving more than 10 TBs of data in preparation for students to begin using Office 365. On Aug. 22, students who were enrolled in classes as of Aug. 7, those who do not forward their email and those who are not student employees will begin using Office 365. This process will include about 14,000 email accounts.

Beginning Aug. 23, students who enrolled after Aug. 7, students who forward their mail or graduated within the last year will be transitioned to Office 365. This process includes about 30,000 email accounts and will occur over a period of about one month.

Students began receiving a notice about the change on Friday, Aug. 9.

Faculty, staff, GRAs, GTAs, GAs and student employees will be transitioned from Zimbra to Office 365 later this fall.

During the first two weeks of school, Information Technology help clinics will be set up in the K-State Student Union near the food court from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to assist students with Office 365, and other Information Technology support needs.

Go online to learn more about the transition to Office 365.

Detailed information about the student migration along with helpful links for email client and mobile device support are available online.