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April 5, 2023

Burrack presents at International Assessment Conference

Submitted by Frederick William Burrack

Frederick Burrack, director of assessment, presented four sessions at the ninth International Symposium for Assessment in Music Education in Hanover, Germany. 

The first was a session co-presented with Phillip Payne of Kansas State University titled "A tested approach to pre-service teachers' achievement," which focused on the assessment processes and analysis of achievement data from the K-State music education program. Also presented with Payne was a session titled "Data driven findings of learning before, during, and after COVID," which focused on exposed changes in student learning that occurred throughout the pandemic.

Burrack also presented a session titled "Assessment in the United States' music classroom" with Kelly Parkes of Columbia University resulting from five years of research culminating in their recently published text. 

The final presentation with Jack Walton from Queensland University in Australia focused on alternative thoughts of "Subjectivity and objectivity in music assessment." 

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