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September 1, 2022

Contract lifecycle management system training and updated policies

Submitted by Memory Buffington

Purchasing and Contract Services, the Office of General Counsel, the Office of Risk and Compliance, and the Division of Information Technology will provide an online comprehensive training session, "Understanding Procurement, Contracts and Risks Using the CLM," at 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 22, via Microsoft Teams.

Register to attend by completing the online form. All faculty and staff are highly encouraged to attend.

Kansas State University implemented a contract lifecycle management system, or CLM, in July. The CLM streamlines the procurement to contract process, including requesting a purchase, soliciting competitive bids, engaging appropriate risk review partners, negotiating terms and contract execution.

The training will focus on leveraging the CLM in the procurement and contracting process, exploring the new purchasing and contracting policies, understanding the risk framework model, becoming familiar with additional requirements when acquiring technology products and services, and learning more about minimum insurance requirements to best protect the university.

Additional features of the CLM include:

  • Workflow to automatically route contracts through appropriate approval processes.
  • Transparency for campus users regarding contract workflow and status.
  • Enhanced collaboration and approval tracking.
  • Elimination of paper requests and forms.
  • Contract expiration notifications to improve contract renewal management.
  • Universitywide contract repository.

As part of this transformation, Purchasing and Contract Services partnered with the Office of General Counsel to modernize business practices, policies and procedures in the contract process. This modernization focuses on reviewing contracts based on the potential level of risk, not on dollar amount alone. A risk framework model ensures that university resources are being utilized for the highest risk obligations and reduces bottlenecks in the contracting process by streamlining the process for low-risk contracts. PPM 6310, Purchasing Procedures, and PPM 3070, University Contracts, are now updated to reflect these changes.