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June 27, 2022

College of Business student recognized in international X-Culture Competition

Submitted by Ruthie Gergeni

Kendall Rau

Kendall Rau, a Kansas State University senior in management, was part of a team that received a Best Team Award as part of the recent X-Culture Case Competition.

In the competition, students work in international virtual teams with peers from around the world, solving real-life problems presented by real-life companies. After passing a readiness test, students are assigned to a team of five to seven students from a minimum of three different countries, with some teams having representation from five or more countries. Students select a business challenge from an approved list and then work collaboratively for seven weeks to develop a business plan for their client. More than 6,000 students worked on 1,032 global virtual teams, with only 15 receiving a Best Team Award designation.

Each team's work is judged by a small group of international business experts, comprised mainly of international business professors and coaches from around the world. 

Rau participated in the competition as part of the International Management class, taught by Marne Arthaud-Day, associate professor of management.

"X-Culture is a chance for students to improve their cultural intelligence by meeting and working with peers from other countries," Arthaud-Day said. "Students learn to navigate time zones, language differences, and technology platforms. Even if they don't have plans to live or work abroad, X-Culture provides them with an opportunity to develop the skills needed to work successfully on global virtual teams, an increasingly common feature of the business environment."

The X-Culture project launched in 2010. Since that time, nearly 51,000 students, representing 271 universities, have completed the competition. Notable corporate partners include Mercedes-Benz, Louis Vuitton and Home Depot.

K-State first participated in X-Culture in 2014 and has participated each year since 2016. K-State students who have placed are:

  • 2015: Allison Tanner
  • 2017: Ewerton Garcia Ferraz
  • 2017: Chris Nettey
  • 2019: Grace Truelove
  • 2021: Janie Failor
  • 2021: Kole McCorkendale
  • 2022: Kendall Rau

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