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April 1, 2022

2022 Faculty and Professional Staff Retiree Ceremony

Submitted by Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate invites you to attend the annual Faculty and Professional Staff Retiree Ceremony at 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 27, at the K-State Alumni Center. This is a time to recognize, honor and celebrate those faculty and professional staff who have contributed to the success of Kansas State University during their careers here.

The event will also be livestreamed for guests who are unable to attend in person.

Kansas State University is committed to providing equal access opportunity and reasonable accommodation to campus programs and services for faculty, staff and students. If you require accommodation to view or hear a video live stream or archive, please submit a request for accommodation. Students should make a request to the Student Access Center. All others should request accommodation through Human Capital Services.

The following individuals being honored this year:

Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension

  • Robert Aiken, Northwest Research Extension Center
  • Chatura Ariyaratne, agronomy
  • Robert Atchison, Kansas Forest Service
  • Eric Atkinson, communications and agricultural education
  • Dale Bremer, horticulture and natural resources
  • Nozella Brown, Wyandotte County
  • Sonia Cooper, River Valley District
  • Gregory Davis, horticulture and natural resources
  • Daniel Devlin, Agricultural Research Center and KCARE
  • Kevin Donnelly, agronomy
  • Duane Dunn, Agriculture Academic Programs
  • Judy Duryee, agricultural economics
  • Jeffrey Elliott, Southwest Research Extension Center
  • Susan Farley, Douglas County
  • Jody Holthaus, Meadowlark District
  • Gary Kepka, Kansas Agricultural Mediation Service
  • Mary Knapp, agronomy
  • John Leatherman, agricultural economics
  • Karol Lohman, Leavenworth County
  • Diane Mack, Northeast Area Office
  • Nancy Nelson, Meadowlark District
  • Jim Nelssen, animal sciences and industry
  • David Nichols, animal sciences and industry
  • Diane Nielson, Atchison County
  • Kenneth Odde, animal sciences and industry
  • Mary Lou Peter, communications and agricultural education
  • Gayle Price, Southeast Research and Extension Center
  • Barbara Roths, Butler County
  • Michael Sampson, animal sciences and industry
  • Alan Schlegel, Southwest Research Extension Center
  • Susan Schlichting, Cottonwood District
  • Karen Schmidt, animal sciences and industry
  • Anna Schremmer, Phillips-Rooks District
  • Donna Sheffield, communications and agricultural education
  • Candice Shoemaker, dean’s office
  • Nadine Sigle, Community Vitality Programs
  • Jeffrey Stevenson, animal sciences and industry
  • Pamela Stovall, Wyandotte County
  • Daniel Sweeney, Southeast Research Extension Center
  • Duane Wilson, plant pathology

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

  • David Brown, interior architecture and interior design
  • Gary Coates, architecture
  • Vladimir Krstic, architecture
  • Wendy Ornelas, architecture
  • Stephanie Rolley, landscape architecture and regional & community planning

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Bonnie Bressers, journalism and mass communications
  • Todd Cochrane, mathematics
  • Cora Cooper, music, theatre, and dance
  • Geraldine Craig, art
  • Marsha Frey, history
  • Richard Goe, sociology, anthropology, and social work
  • Nancy Habluetzel, dean’s office
  • Christina Hauck, English
  • Mark Hollingsworth, chemistry
  • Duy Hua, chemistry
  • Sue Huang, biochemistry and molecular biophysics
  • Paul Hunt, music, theatre, and dance
  • Kristi Kaump, dean’s office
  • Bruce Law, physics
  • Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, history
  • Kimberly Morgan, sociology, anthropology, and social work
  • Lorena Passarelli, biology
  • David Procter, communication studies
  • Carol Regehr, physics
  • Ann Reckling, English
  • Steve Smethers, journalism and mass communications
  • Christopher Sorensen, physics
  • Brian Spooner, biology
  • Matthew Totten, geology
  • Alison Wheatley, dean’s office
  • Susan Williams, sociology, anthropology, and social work

College of Business Administration 

  • Valerie Barnett, management
  • Mike Chilton, management
  • Mark Linville, accounting
  • Kingsley Olibe, accounting
  • Kathy Seeberger, management
  • Fred Smith, accounting

College of Education

  • Sarah Fishback, educational leadership
  • Peggy Goe, dean’s office
  • Debra Guillen, dean’s office
  • Mary Hammel, dean’s office
  • Kenneth Hughey, special education, counseling and student affairs
  • Judy Hughey, special education, counseling and student affairs
  • Beverly Martin, dean’s office
  • Sheri Meredith, dean’s office
  • Charlie Nutt, dean’s office
  • David Thompson, educational leadership
  • Warren White, special education, counseling and student affairs
  • Daniel Wilcox, special education, counseling and student affairs

Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

  • David Ben-Arieh, industrial and manufacturing systems engineering
  • Satish Chandra, electrical and computer engineering
  • Robert Davis, dean’s office
  • Sunanda Dissanayake, civil engineering
  • William Dunn, mechanical and nuclear engineering
  • Joe Harner, biological and agricultural engineering
  • Maureen Lockhart, dean’s office
  • Alexander Mathews, civil engineering
  • Masaaki Mizuno, computer science
  • David Pacey, mechanical and nuclear engineering
  • Kelli Park Fuhrmann, civil engineering
  • Mary Rankin, dean’s office
  • John Schlup, chemical engineering
  • Kenneth Shultis, mechanical and nuclear engineering

General administration and other offices

  • Christina Aguilera, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Jim Badders, Division of Financial Services
  • Catherine Barry, Lafene Health Center
  • Cindy Bontrager,  Office of the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
  • Adalee Brenner,  Division of Information Technology
  • Anne Collett, Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Linda Cook,  Office of the President
  • Eugene DeDonder, Lafene Health Center
  • Jean DeDonder,  Lafene Health Center
  • Kara Gonzales, Housing and Dining Services
  • Rebecca Gould, Division of Information Technology
  • Edward Heptig, Division of Facilities
  • Scott Jones, Office of the Vice President for Student Life
  • Allan Leikam, Division of Facilities
  • Denver Marlow, Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Steve Martini, Recreational Services
  • Jeffrey Morris,  Division of Communications and Marketing
  • Geneva McCrory, Division of Information Technology
  • Dawn McCune Wall, Division of Information Technology
  • Richard Myers, Office of the President
  • Ann Pearce, Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Debra Pryor, Division of Communications and Marketing
  • Dale Rivett, Division of Facilities
  • Loleta Sump, Division of Facilities
  • Xiaojie "May" Tian, Division of Information Technology
  • Ron Trewyn, Office of the President

College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Mary Anne Andrews, dean’s office
  • Delores Chambers, food, nutrition, dietetics and health
  • Ann Coulson, personal financial planning
  • Maurice MacDonald, personal financial planning
  • Mary McElroy, kinesiology
  • Sandra Procter, food, nutrition, dietetics and health
  • Rick Scheidt, applied human sciences
  • Susan Watt, dean’s office

K-State Alumni Association

  • Mary Stueve

K-State Athletics

  • Terence Pittman

K-State Global Campus

  • Kathy Burkholder, posthumous
  • Melinda Sinn
  • Linda Teener

K-State Libraries 

  • Merry Bower, metadata, preservation, and acquisitions
  • Jo Crawford, content development
  • Marjorie Devlin, information technology services

K-State Olathe

  • Lindy Eakin, dean’s office

K-State Salina

  • Annette Hernandez, dean’s office
  • Tony Hoover, information systems
  • Jung Oh, integrated studies
  • Gregory Stephens, integrated studies

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • David Biller, clinical sciences
  • Ronnie Elmore, clinical sciences
  • Gail Eyestone, anatomy and physiology
  • David Hodgson, clinical sciences
  • Mark Loberg, veterinary medicine support services
  • Diane Mason, clinical sciences
  • Wayne Michaels, veterinary medicine support services
  • Elizabeth Santschi, clinical sciences
  • Gayle Willard, dean’s office