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March 2, 2022

Advisor Forum presents March Charlie Award

Submitted by Beth Stuewe

The K-State Advisor Forum announces that RayeAnn Brisso, academic advisor at K-State Salina, has been selected for the March Charlie Award.

Brisso was nominated for this award by her colleague, Cheryl Calhoun, for the outstanding work she does for her students, both inside and outside of her office.

Calhoun writes, "I am nominating RayeAnn Brisso on account of the amazing work she does with students. I honestly can't remember who my advisors were in college or if I ever met them, but that's not the case for K-State Salina's social work students. They speak highly of their advisors and have turned to RayeAnn, and her colleague Kebby, when faced with challenges ... so much so, that we hear the impact these women have had on the students' lives in our classrooms.

"I also appreciate the work that RayeAnn and Kebby have done regarding DARS discrepancies. When I began working for K-State, almost every social work student on our campus had a problem with their DARS that either resulted in students having to spend additional semesters to complete the program or opting out of the degree. These advisors continue to help us address these challenges by both bringing things to our attention and getting to the bottom of things that we notice when reviewing students' transcripts.

"Finally, I also feel RayeAnn warrants recognition for the work she does outside of her advising role. The best way for social work students to learn is through practice, but this often requires willing guinea pigs to play the role of clients. RayeAnn, and her colleague Kebby have become permanent fixtures in the various practices classes I teach ... and have even helped develop role-play videos for asynchronous courses and professional pieces of training. This service alone has hands down resulted in students reporting time and time again that they feel more confident in their own abilities prior to graduation and that they felt they understood how to handle a tough situation as a result of a scenario they practiced at K-State."

The Advisor Forum thanks Brisso for the work she has done for students at K-State Salina and congratulates her on this award.

For more information on the Charlie Award or to learn how to nominate someone, please visit the Recognition page on the Office of Student Success website. Nominations are accepted year-round and can be received from anyone across campus. Once a nomination is received, it remains an active nomination for one full year. One award will be given out at the beginning of each month. The Advisor Forum Committee will make the decision and deliver awards.

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