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K-State Today

February 8, 2022

Volunteers needed for blood vessel research

Submitted by Shannon Parr

Ultrasound image of the aortic arch

Interested in learning about your blood vessel health? A clinical research team at Kansas State University, under the direction of Carl Ade, associate professor of kinesiology, is looking for healthy male and female volunteers ages 18-65 to participate in a research study.

Volunteers will be asked to come to the third floor of the Lafene Health Center for noninvasive ultrasound imaging of the blood vessels around their heart, leg and neck. This is a single visit that should take 60-90 minutes. By volunteering, you will help researchers determine if newer ultrasound measurements of blood vessel health could be implemented into regular clinical practice.

For more information, contact Shannon Parr at skparr@k-state.edu.

This study has been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board and received approval No. 10924.