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October 18, 2021

Study participants needed for a yoga wear online survey

Submitted by Nadeeshani Ratnayaka

Yoga study poster

Yoga has long been recognized for its effectiveness in helping people manage stress, which has been associated as a common trigger of autoimmune diseases because it influences the immune response in a person's body.

The goal of this study is to design a yoga wear collection for women, particularly those who are diagnosed with a skin-related autoimmune disease using SeaCell, an eco-friendly fabric produced from seaweed that naturally contains ayurvedic properties that are beneficial to the skin, containing calcium, vitamin A, E, C, sodium, magnesium as well as having anti-inflammatory properties making it a non-allergenic fabric.

At this initial stage, this survey is for obtaining an understanding of the reasons why women engage in yoga, what types of clothes they prefer to wear when doing yoga, and some demographic information.

Any females who are in the age group of 18-55 and currently practice yoga are eligible to participate this study. It takes approximately five minutes for you to complete this survey.

Your participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. There will be no penalty or loss of services or benefits if you decide to not take part or quit later. The survey has no question that would compromise the participants' privacy. No identifiable information will be collected.

IRB approval has already been granted for this project. This research is being carried out by Nadeeshani Ratnayaka, a graduate student in the interior design and fashion studies department at Kansas State University, and Yingying Wu, assistant professor of fashion studies at K-State.

If you have questions about this study or the information in this form, please contact Ratnayaka at nadsratnayaka@k-state.edu

Link to the survey

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