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K-State Today

March 27, 2013

Alternative Service Committee clarifies the term 'unclassified'

Submitted by Alternative Service Committee

The Alternative Service Committee has realized the term "unclassified" has different meanings to various entities on campus. In an effort to clarify how the term "unclassified" relates to the Alternative Service Committee developing a plan for university support staff, or USS, the committee offers the following explanation.

Classified is a term specific to state civil service. If employees are no longer in the state civil service system, as would be the case with university support staff, then their positions cannot be called classified and they are referred to as unclassified.

The term unclassified in this context will not be the same as term unclassified that is associated with unclassified professional staff at Kansas State University. University support staff will not have contracts; they will be on regular appointment positions. University support staff will not be represented by Faculty Senate; they will be represented by a body similar to Classified Senate. University support staff will not be “at will” employees; they will continue to have a discipline and protection system as well as an appeals board. University support staff will not be governed by the rules and guidelines of the University Handbook; they will be governed by the rules and guidelines of a University Support Staff Handbook.

University support staff will continue to function in the same capacity they are now as classified positions, but instead of being referred to as classified, they will be referred to as university support staff.

The committee’s website provides communications, copies of white papers, frequently asked questions and progress of the plan.

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