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October 4, 2021

Open enrollment and plan year 2022 health insurance changes

Submitted by HCS Benefits

Open enrollment for your 2022 benefits elections is underway and runs through Oct. 31. 

As in recent years, 2021 features an "active" open enrollment, meaning you will need to re-enroll for 2022 benefits even if you do not intend to change coverages. To complete enrollment, access the Membership Administration Portal using your K-State single sign-on credentials. Please be sure to click "Save and Submit" at the end of the online enrollment process, as it will be needed to verify your elections while reviewing the first 2022 paycheck. Employees who are actively enrolled in health coverage and do not complete the enrollment process for plan year 2022 will default to Plan N with a Health Reimbursement Account. State Employee Health Plan changes for the upcoming year include:

  • Plan A deductible is reducing to $900/individual; $1,800/family for 2022.
  • Plan A primary care office visit copy is reducing from $40 to $30.
  • Plan A out-of-pocket maximum is reducing to $5,250/individual; $10,500/family.
  • Plan C out-of-pocket maximum is reducing to $4,500/individual; $9,000/family
  • Medical rates for employee/spouse and employee/family coverage are reducing by 2%.
  • Dental rates are increasing slightly by 3.3%.
  • All plans — prescription drug benefit coinsurance for preferred name-brand drugs is reducing from 40% to 35%.
  • All Plans — prescription drug benefit coinsurance for non-preferred name-brand drugs is reducing from 65% to 60%.
  • Medical rates for employee only and employee/children coverage are staying the same.
  • There is a new vision plan vendor for 2022. The SEHP has contracted with Avesis to provide the voluntary vision plan. Avesis will be offering the same Enhanced and Basic option vision plans. Employees enrolled in the current vision plan will need to make an election to enroll in the new vision plan. Read more on Avesis on the SEHP's webpage.
  • There is a new HSA/HRA administration vendor for 2022. MetLife will be the administrator of the Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA). All contributions (employee and employer) in 2022 will be made to MetLife Accounts. Further information about existing NueSynergy accounts and the transfer of funds will be made before January 2022. Employees will have the choice of keeping their existing account with NueSynergy or rolling the balance to the new MetLife account. Read further on this change on the SEHP's webpage.
  • Plan Q will no longer be offered in 2022. Employees currently enrolled in Plan Q will need to select one of the other four plan options.

HCS benefits and SEHP websites have been updated with helpful tools, including Ask Alex, an interactive benefits guidance and resource tool to help you find your best benefits. And don't forget, there will be many opportunities to interact with benefits providers throughout the first two weeks of October. We will also soon announce several opportunities to meet personally with a member of your HCS benefits team to help get any questions answered. As always, we are here to support you. Please contact us anytime at benefits@k-state.edu if we may be of service or support.

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