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June 7, 2021

Food Science Institute to participate in World Food Safety Day 2021

Submitted by Randall Phebus

World Food Safety Day 2021

In 2018, the U.N. General Assembly proclaimed that June 7 would be observed worldwide annually as World Food Safety Day, and the Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization were jointly given the responsibility of coordinating and promoting this event. They encouraged diverse groups, companies, institutions and individuals around the world to participate in various activities to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks that impact food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development in all countries. 

The Kansas State University Food Science Institute is excited to participate in World Food Safety Day this year to highlight its broad engagement in food safety research, teaching as well as extension and outreach programs across the Manhattan and Olathe campuses. With food safety being a prominent piece of K-State's food science undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the Food Science Institute chose to produce a video montage for World Food Safety Day 2021 highlighting student perspectives on what food safety means to them as they reflect upon the food supply in their home countries.

Additionally, an episode for K-State Global Food Systems "Something to Chew On" podcast was recorded by a group of Food Science Institute food safety experts where they discuss many of the targeted FAO/WHO topics listed above and how work conducted at K-State is addressing each. To further spread the message of global food safety and K-State emphasis areas, an interview with Carla Schwan-Bastos, postdoctoral researcher, and Randall Phebus, professor of animal sciences and industry, who are leading K-State's 2021 World Food Safety Day initiative, will air June 7 on the K-State Radio Network's Agriculture Today program.  

Finally, Schwan-Bastos, who recently completed her doctoral work related to food safety in developing countries and now is a postdoctoral researcher in this area with Jessie Vipham, assistant professor of animal sciences and industry, was invited to participate as an expert panelist in an international webinar on June 7 hosted by Food Tank. She will join FAO/Codex Alimentarius and WHO Department of Nutrition and Food Safety directors to discuss these key global food safety topics.

Links to other World Food Safety Day information and activities, the student video and other activities are provided at the Food Science Institute website.