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K-State Today

April 2, 2021

Global Campus to transition to permanent remote operations

Submitted by Grant Guggisberg

As announced in the March 31 edition of K-State Today, Global Campus is transitioning to permanent remote operations this spring. Our staff is excited to serve as a pilot under the university's new remote work policy. While most staff will be located off campus, the way Global Campus serves the university is unchanged. Marketing, recruitment and student services will continue for online students, as will program development and support for faculty, departments and colleges.

As we transition out of our current building, Global Campus will retain an on-campus presence with some aspects of online student services and recruitment being housed in the 10 Anderson Hall suite. The on-campus location will open toward the end of the spring semester and will also allow for staff members to utilize hoteling office space as they attend on-campus meetings. While we have reduced our on-campus footprint, Global Campus staff and administrators continue to be available to meet with university partners via Zoom, Teams or in-person.

UFM Community Learning Center will continue to offer a variety of community education and recreation classes through its campus-adjacent location at 1221 Thurston St.

With continued growth and streamlined operations, Global Campus continues to work across the university to extend programs to learners at a distance and further innovation in online teaching and learning. Enrollments in online programs have continued to grow, posting a fall 2020 increase of 11.1% in unique learners over fall 2019 and a spring 2021 increase of 15.4% in the same population over spring 2020. These unique learners represent students who are fully at a distance and, without K-State’s online programs, might not otherwise be a K-State Wildcat.