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K-State Today

March 30, 2021

Political science student accepted into Critical Language Scholarship Program

Submitted by Braylee Jones

Matt Wade, junior in political science and the Middle East studies minor, was accepted into the Critical Language Scholarship Program.

The program is in effort to expand dramatically the number of Americans studying and mastering critical foreign languages. Students accepted by the program are provided rigorous academic instruction in 15 languages including Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Persian and many more. Alumni of the program have also been known to apply their critical language skills in a variety of professional fields in public and private sectors as well as government.

Recently, political science has established an interdisciplinary program within the department, the Middle East studies minor. In addition to political science, the history, communication studies, modern languages and philosophy departments contribute to this minor. Wade was one of the first students to enroll in the minor and has been able to show how it helps our students be accepted by national scholarship programs. We have many students who are awarded prestigious national scholarships and adding critical language scholarship to this portfolio is an indication of the political science department's growing reputation compatible with the university's 2025 vision.