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February 15, 2021

K-State develops travel exemption process for summer and fall 2021 education abroad programs

Submitted by Elliot Young

Last spring, K-State put in place a travel and transit policy restricting university-affiliated or sponsored out-of-state travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. That policy includes a process to request exemptions to the travel restrictions. Individuals who are planning faculty-led, affiliate or third-party provider education abroad programs may now request an exemption to the Kansas State University travel restriction policy

The Education Abroad Office and the International Risk Advisory Working Group have developed the exemption process for a limited number of summer and fall 2021 education abroad programs. 

Through the process, travelers will register with the Education Abroad Office and develop a COVID-19 response plan with Education Abroad staff. The plan will include a detailed strategy for mitigating personal health risks and COVID-19's impact on the program. 

The Education Abroad Office will share response plans with the International Risk Advisory Working Group, which may grant approval for the education abroad program based on the response plan and if conditions in the host location are safe for travel. 

Since the pandemic is a dynamic and constantly changing situation, COVID-19 response plans and data will be continually reviewed until the departure date.  

Learn more about the process to request an exemption and other COVID-19 implications for Education Abroad Programs

The Education Abroad Office will be working with other appropriate offices on campus to update contracts with third-party and affiliate programs to address risk mitigation issues. In addition, travelers are covered by an accident and sickness insurance policy that provides medical and security coverage and travelers have access to 24/7 travel assistance services if they need help while abroad. Insurance coverage for trip interruption also will be available. 

Any students, faculty or staff who are interested in education abroad for summer and fall 2021 should contact the Education Abroad Office for details at overseas@k-state.edu. COVID-19 is a constantly evolving and dynamic situation, and all K-State students, faculty and staff are encouraged to have contingency or back-up plans in case travel is still restricted.