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K-State Today

September 2, 2020

Feedback requested on 2019 KPERS member annual statements

Submitted by HCS-Benefits

KPERS redesigned the annual statements this year to give you a shorter, simpler annual statement. Please take the 2019 annual statement survey to provide KPERS feedback on the new annual statement design.

KPERS members can access their 2019 member annual statements in their online KPERS member account. If you have trouble logging in, contact the KPERS Info Line at 1-888-275-5737 for help resetting your account.

 What's included on your statement?

  • Contributions and account balance.
  • Vesting information.
  • KPERS Years of service.
  • Benefit estimates for vested members.
  • Beneficiaries.

In addition to accessing your member annual statement, you can also create retirement benefit estimates in your online account. Take a moment today to review what you can do in your online KPERS member account.

Questions? Contact KPERS directly by email at kpers@kpers.org or phone at 1-888-275-5737.