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March 4, 2020

Milling science student attends Buhler Swiss Milling School

Submitted by Meghan Eidman

 Junior in milling science and management, Cody Blodgett, receives his diploma from Michael Weber, Director of the Swiss Milling School. This diploma certifies Blodgett as a Milling Technologist SMS.

Cody Blodgett, junior in milling science and management, graduated from the Swiss Milling School with a diploma certifying him as a milling technologist SMS. The Swiss Milling School in St. Gallen, Switzerland, is a six-month apprenticeship/training program that is operated by the Buhler Corporation.

Blodgett started the school in August 2019 and spent his time completing practical mill exercises and attending classroom lectures. According to Jason Watt, Buhler instructor of milling, the training is fast-paced.

"It's very intense," Watt said. "There is a lot of homework, multiple tests a week, and it's 8 to 5 pretty much the whole time. But, with all this hard work comes ample benefits."

By completing the training, Blodgett has a leg-up over others in the industry in the eyes of his potential employers. They will notice he successfully attended a very regimented and prestigious program, and employers will see that as a benefit for their companies.

Blodgett said his milling science classes at K-State helped to prepare him for the experience.

"Usually in the mornings, we would start working in the classroom, and in the afternoon, we would apply what we learned hands-on, either in the mill or in the training center," Blodgett said. "The content was very broad and covered most of the classes that I've taken here."

He adds, "The first two years of classes at K-State, I learned more of the basics and the reason why we do things. Then, I had the chance to go to Switzerland and apply it there and learn how I can improve things or change what I learned earlier on."