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March 2, 2020

Recyclemania week three results

Submitted by Bill Spiegel

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Hello K-Staters,

Let's wake up and fill up that blue recycle bin. Whether you are in your office, around campus, or K-State Student Union, recycling bins are available. We are currently in No. 2 in diversion and No. 1 per capita in the Big 12. So let's clean out that office or dorm room. The week three rankings are below:

Week three rank and percentage — pounds:  

  1. University of Texas at Austin, 64, 33.94.
  2. Kansas State University, 75, 29.04. 
  3. West Virginia University, 115, 6.476. 

Week three per capita rank and percentage — pounds:

  1. Kansas State University, 70, 3.243.
  2. University of Texas at Austin, 103, 2.007.
  3. Iowa State University, 109, 1.744.
  4. West Virginia University, 114, 1.553.

If you have any questions, email Bill Spiegel, K-State recycling manager, at wspiegel@k-state.edu

Let's increase this drive and recycle with pride.