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November 14, 2012

Presentations made at the Geological Society of America annual conference, Charlotte, N.C.

Submitted by Saugata Datta

Contributed and invited presentations and representations from department of geology at the Geological Society of America Annual Conference 2012, Charlotte, N.C., include:

Saugata Datta, associate professor, organized and presented at a workshop-short course: "XRD in Geosciences"

Datta; Sophia Ford, senior; Sankar Manalilkada Sasidharan, graduate student; Andrew Neal, past graduate student; and colleagues presented "Empowering Local Villagers From West Bengal To Understand The Extent Of Arsenic Contamination And Locate Alternative Solutions."

Datta; Robinson Barker, graduate student, Ford; and colleagues presented "Geochemical And Mineralogical Characterization Of The Arbuckle Aquifer: Studying Mineral Reactions And Its Implications For CO2 Sequestration."

Datta; Golam Kibria, graduate student; and colleagues presented "Vulnerability Of Underground Coal Mine Life Due To Dupitila Aquifer Water System In Barapukuria, Bangladesh."

Matthew E Brueseke, assistant professor; and colleagues presented "Subduction related volatility of metal(loids), fertile lithosphere, and the implications for mid-Miocene epithermal Au-Ag deposits in the western United States."

Brueseke and colleagues presented New "Pb- and Cu-isotope data supporting a deep origin of metallic nanoparticles in bonanza epithermal ores of the northern Great Basin, Nevada-Idaho." Also Brueseke and colleagues presented "Timing of mineralization in epithermal Au-Ag deposits in relation to magmatism along the track of the Miocene Yellowstone hotspot."

Tyler Meek, senior; Brueseke; and Zachary Eugene Levi Hasten, master's student; presented "Oxygen isotope constraints on midMiocene silicic magma production in the Owyhee Mountains, Idaho." 

Casey Bulen, master's student; Brueseke; and colleagues presented "The role of magmatism in the evolution of the Cambrian southern Oklahoma rift zone: geochemical constraints on the mafic-intermediate rocks in the Arbuckle Mountains, Okla."

George Clark, interim department chair, presented "Stress Is Stress: Mercenaria Mercenaria Expresses Same Microstructural Shifts Whether Too Hot Or Too Cold." Clark also presented "The Organic Matrix Mystery: Too Many Phyla, Too Little Time."