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K-State Today

September 27, 2019

Women needed for shirt design and fit study

Submitted by Yingying Wu

A K-State researcher in apparel, textiles, and interior design aims to optimize the women's wear sizing system and patternmaking methods. The researcher is offering a $20 gift card for completion of a 45-minute interview and fitting session.

Participants must meet specific size requirements to participate. Women with a bra cup size larger than D and who fall into a missy-size category in terms of waist circumference are invited to participate in the study.  

The session will consist of two parts: a 20-minute interview and 25-minute shirt fitting session. A $20 gift card will be given to a participant who completes both parts.

If interested, contact Yingying Wu at yingyingwu9@k-state.edu

This study has received IRB approval No. 9421.