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August 28, 2019

Networks edition offers ideas for taking educational risks in the classroom

Submitted by Patrice Scott


Suzanne Porath, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, served as editor of the Summer 2019 Issue of Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research. Her editorial introduction is titled "Taking Risks with New Forms of Instruction." 

Networks is hosted through New Prairie Press and is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal for educator action research. 

The articles in this edition:

  • "Bringing Math to Life: Provide Students Opportunities to Connect their Lives to Math."
  • "When Words Do Not Work: Exploring Preservice teachers’ Confidence in Teaching Reading to English Learners."
  • "The Impact of a Short Test-Wiseness Intervention on Standardized Numeracy assessment scores: A Cautionary Tale about Using NAPLAN Growth Data to Evaluate Primary Schools."
  • "I Notice My Feelings: Exploring Mindfulness with 1st Graders and their Families."
  • "The Impact of Math Vocabulary on Conceptual Understanding for ELLs."
  • "Developing Instructional Skills: Perspectives of Feedback in Student Teaching."
  • "It Does Not Need to be Perfect! Two Teacher Educators' Quest to Enhance Online Instruction with Videos."