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August 28, 2019

Personal financial planning students attend Advisor Thought Leader Summit

Submitted by College of Health and Human Sciences

PFP students at summit

Five personal financial planning students recently attended the Advisors Thought Leader Summit thanks to generous sponsor Abacus Wealth Partners. Alejandro Martinez, Garrett Jackson, Izaac Pritchett and Hannah Casteel, juniors, were joined by Emma Wyllys, senior, Simone Beverly, alumna and Cherie Stueve, instructor at the summit.

The Advisor Thought Leader Summit brought together experts and financial advisors from around the country to learn how to express your story and stand out in today's noisy, digital world. All attendees were hosted at National Advisors Trust Company on Monday evening.

Highlights of the event:

  • Guest speakers included powerhouse marketing guru Maribeth Kuzmeski of Red Zone Marketing and media expert Pam Krueger, creator and co-host of MoneyTrack on PBS. 
  • Amy Buttell shared how to nurture a book idea, ghostwrite and publish a book, and become a subject expert that media will want to quote and consult. Suggestions were made on how to reach out to local journalists, body language during a short on-camera interview, and how to connect to the audience and camera.
  • Charlie Van Derven, Social Advisors, demonstrated the power of LinkedIn to make the best impression and reach an audience.
  • Throughout the event, Marie Swift, head strategist for Impact Communications, partnered with presenters to highlight presentation strategies and skills.
  • Finally, K-State students, alumna and instructor were able to view the rehearsals, coaching, and professional taping of five financial advisors' TED-style stories that will be professionally produced to help them tell their story.

Through the summit, attendees were able to understand the need to make a personal connection through telling their own story and given strategies on how to stand out beyond being "different" or "better."