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November 26, 2018

Opportunity to present research on new and/or social media to rural businesses

Submitted by Lauri M. Baker

The K-State Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement will offer the 2019 Insight Summit, Feb. 12-13, 2019, as a means for individuals to present research on new and/or social media to rural businesses.

The center will select up to five people to showcase their research as a TED talk-style presentation and up to five additional people to showcase their research as a poster during the Insight Summit social hour.

Researchers will have the opportunity to share results directly with stakeholders who can implement findings immediately. Presentations in this session will be short and focused on research-based solutions to real-world new media marketing challenges. Each of the five presenters will be given seven minutes to present their work during the lunch keynote portion of the conference. Following presentations, speakers will sit on a panel to answer questions from audience participants.

This two-day conference is designed to meet new media marketing learning needs of a diverse attendee group involved in rural agricultural businesses and their development. New media tools include online resources such as social media, websites, html newsletters and e-commerce. Participants will include producers, allied rural businesses, and Extension educators. Training presented at this conference is research-based and rooted in practitioner involvement.

Submissions should be sent by email to newmedia@k-state.edu and include the following:

  • Presentation title.
  • Preference for oral or poster. 
  • Learning objectives for your presentation ("from my presentation participants will learn …"). 
  • Abstract — 300 words; include how your presentation will be valuable to rural growers and businesses.
  • A one-paragraph biosketch that includes your credentials as a researcher in the area of new and social media, position title and appointment, academic preparation (Ph.D., M.S., B.S. etc.), relevant referred publications in this area. 

The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement is a generator and source of knowledge about new-media marketing, we enable rural and agriculture-based businesses to flourish in ever-changing environments. We make research-based knowledge discoverable and accessible to individuals, businesses and communities. Our endeavor fosters positive changes to rural livelihood.

As thought leaders on new-media marketing in rural and agricultural applications, we serve the land-grant mission of research, teaching, and Extension through the following objectives:

  1. To generate research-based knowledge related to new media marketing.
  2. To offer hands-on research experiences for graduate and undergraduate students.
  3. To serve as a source for research-based knowledge for local, regional and national rural and agriculture-based enterprises and others involved in improving rural life.

Target audiences include:

  • Farmers and ranchers and other agricultural enterprises such as agritourism.
  • Independently owned rural-based businesses like garden centers and retail stores.
  • Next generation of agricultural marketing professionals — undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Those involved in rural economic development in the private and public sectors, including Extension personnel.
  • Other researchers involved in marketing and rural development.

Learn more about Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement at RuralEngagement.org.