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Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement

Insight Summit 2021

February 24-26, 2021

The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement’s (CREE) 5th annual conference will be held February 24-26 in a live, interactive, online format. The CREE Insight Summit emphasizes measuring/reporting impact using Facebook analytic data. Topics related to new-media marketing will include storytelling across platforms, basic and advanced analytics, social-media strategy, visual content, e-newsletters, and selling online.

Who Should attend? The conference is open to anyone, but designed for business owners, marketing and communication professionals, service organizations, and commodity or producer-advocate professionals.

Things you will walk away with from this conference:

  • A printed workbook with our PowerPoint slides and pages for your notes
  • Membership to an exclusive Insight Summit Facebook group community
  • An online strategy for your organization or business
  • Ideas and plans for content development and delivery

How much is registration? The registration fee is $189 with a needs-based scholarship rate of $129.