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November 26, 2018

K-State recycling reaches out

Submitted by Bill Spiegel

Recycle symbol

Bill Spiegel, K-State recycling supervisor and member of the Kansas Organization of Recyclers, gave a presentation to students in the Onaga school district in recognition of America Recycles Day.

The school forum, sponsored by the Pottawatomie Recycling Committee, suggests ways schools can reduce solid wastes and also effectively recycle in the area.

Spiegel helped students understand their responsibility in taking care of the environment now and in the future.

"It is so easy to say recycle; however, that has changed rapidly," Spiegel said. "Students need to understand their role in reducing solid waste and how to reuse or repurpose things as well as effective recycling techniques."

Overall, 531 students in first through 12th grades were taught the effectiveness of a school-based recycling program.