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August 17, 2012

Update on faculty and unclassified salary initiative

Submitted by Faculty Senate Leadership Council

Aug. 17, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

This summer you were asked to make comments to the Faculty Senate Web portal about ways to create a plan to increase salaries for faculty and unclassified employees at Kansas State University. Faculty Senate has now compiled these comments and organized them into topic themes. These themes are below for your convenience.

These subjects were shared with the top administrators of K-State in order to make your voices heard.

Although most of the observations made are represented in the themes, some comments were of a nature that did not directly fit into the goals of a salary initiative. These comments have been saved and will be considered separately as many of them indicated potential areas of improvement.

A consensus noted that K-State's current trajectory is considered to be detrimental. The remarks showed significant concern for the loss of community, and an overall negative impact on the culture here at K-State because of the low salaries and the way that a few salaries are being raised. We have firmly passed these concerns on to the university administration.

The next step, following Faculty Senate's special session in May, and leadership's summer effort, is working with the university administration to make a plan by December to improve the faculty and unclassified salary situation at K-State. We believe this is a critical moment for K-State. We all need to apply every effort in the best interests of K-State, if the quality of our institution is to survive. The Faculty Senate Leadership Council will be asking many of you for assistance and will provide updates as significant developments occur.


Faculty Senate Leadership Council:
James Bloodgood, president; Julia Keen, president elect; Thomas S. Vontz, past president; Loleta Sump, secretary; Andy Bennett, chair, Academic Affairs Committee; Melia Fritch and David Thompson, co-chairs, Faculty Affairs Committee; Dave Rintoul, chair, Faculty Senate Committee on Technology; and Bob Condia, chair, Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning

Faculty and Unclassified Salary Initiative: Themes and Elements -- Summer 2012

Make salaries the No. 1 priority by K-State administration and in capital campaigns.

  • Eliminate future additions of administrative positions and raises.
  • Increase flexibility for faculty to gain income in other ways.
  • Focus on merit and equity raises, not across-the-board raises.
  • Educate the public — including students — on the importance of salary increases for reaching 2025.
  • Determine what other schools — that have been successful at raising salaries or have competitive salaries — are doing.


  • Include merit raise money in future tuition rate increase proposals to the regents.
  • Approach donors with salaries as the No. 1 priority.
  • Assist colleges in obtaining student or credit hour fees.
  • Allow on-campus students to take more Division of Continuing Education classes — with out-of-state tuition when applicable — and channel increased funds toward salary enhancements.
  • Explore opportunities in conjunction with the athletic department to generate funds for academic salaries.
  • Develop private sponsorship — such as naming — for appropriate portions of campus.


  • Identify inefficient processes and improve them.
  • Stop funding initiatives, instead use donors for initiatives