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May 22, 2018

Highlights from the May 8 Faculty Senate meeting

Submitted by Faculty Senate

President Lindshield asked for a moment of silence for a faculty senator James "Jim" Guikema who passed away recently.

Guest: Provost April Mason visited with senators regarding the current provost search and potential onboarding process. She also responded to questions regarding budget and salary issues.

Standing committee and Student Senate reports: 

  • Academic Affairs: A new optional syllabus statement was approved related to student resources. Changes to the incomplete policy in the University Handbook, Section F83 were approved. They continue to discuss K-State 8 tags and continue to receive curriculum changes to reduce required hours to 120 in line with KBOR request.
  • Faculty Affairs: Proposed revisions to University Handbook, Section E1-8 — Sabbatical Leave — Appendix O — Integrity in Research and Scholarly Activity — and Appendix U — Mediation Policy — were approved. Additionally, revisions to PPM 4095, a new PPM chapter, 4094, and a proposed revision to University Handbook, Section D3 were approved relating to consensual romantic relationships.
  • Professional Staff Affairs: Thomas provided an overview of items the committee has discussed this year and what their plans are for next year.  
  • Student Senate: The Tuition and Fees Strategies committee was reported on. Jordan Kiehl, student body president, has assembled her cabinet for the upcoming year.
  • Technology — FSCOT: The annual data access report was received. It was recommended that senators review the Freedom of Information Act, found in PPM 3060. Two-factor authentication is being tested by a few pilot groups with good results and will be implemented in the future. 
  • University Planning — FSCOUP: FSCOUP will continue its review of Section B95 of the University Handbook related to CCOPs. Their final meeting was a lengthy discussion of the budget modernization process, with visitors from the core team and steering committee. 

 Open discussion period

  • It was asked that FSCOT discuss the possibility of having language included in the policy that will make it mandatory to inform people if there is information requested of them.

The 2017-2018 Faculty Senate was adjourned and Spencer Wood, 2018-2019 Faculty Senate president, called the first meeting of the 2018-2019 Faculty Senate to order.

2018-2019 president-elect and secretary elections: Tanya González was elected as president-elect of Faculty Senate; Suzanne Auten was elected as secretary of Faculty Senate.

Brian Lindshield
Faculty Senate President
Associate Professor
Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Health
Kansas State University
208 Justin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506