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K-State Today

June 13, 2012

Faculty Senate initiative on faculty and unclassified salaries

Submitted by Jim Bloodgood

Good morning colleagues! Thank you again to the many people who participated in the Special Session of the Faculty Senate on May 14.

We are trying to align faculty and unclassified salaries with K-State's 2025 plan. We appreciate your continued participation in this important effort. In order to advance this process, a portal on the Faculty Senate Web page has been set up to enable you to make suggestions concerning the planning process, the content of the plan and identifying monetary resources that could be used for salary increases.

This portal will be open for approximately three weeks starting today. After the initial set of recommendations is reviewed and prioritized they will be shared with the university administration. Additional opportunities for submitting suggestions are likely later this year.

Again, thank you for your participation in making K-State a great university.

Jim Bloodgood
Faculty Senate President