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K-State Today

November 29, 2017

Recruiting Reserves or Air/National Guard personnel for Army Training at High-Intensity Study

Submitted by Katie Heinrich

K-State researchers need individuals who are in the Reserves or National Guard to participate in the Army Training at High-Intensity Study.

Research participants will receive six months of exercise training for free. The research project is designed to compare the effectiveness of high intensity functional training to the Army Physical Readiness Training in military personnel for improving body composition, fitness, cardiovascular health and psychosocial outcomes.

All exercise testing and training will take place at Kansas State University in Manhattan.

Contact Sarah Cosgrove at 480-326-7912 or sasteven@k-state.edu, or Katie Heinrich at 785-532-7771 or kmhphd@k-state.edu if you are interested in participating in the study.

For more information, visit the study's website or complete an eligibility screening form online.  

This study has been reviewed by the university's Institutional Review Board and received approval No. 7162.